Play of divine feminine is divine love dedicated to goddess Saraswati

Play of the divine feminine
is divine love.

In a blink
magic 'love'
casts a stake on your life.

Your talk of 'love'
cannot contain divine loves immortal depth.

Oh mortal man,
gain the soul .

Dance love's ecstasy,
with the eternal divine feminine.

You are not ready with 1 day eyes of lust,
magic divine 'love' remains steadfast through time, space.

Be the magician and wave the wand dear man,
arise soul and merge with feminine divine love.

Show me how?

Laughing the divine feminine stays silent,
remain in the spaces between thoughts, words and deeds oh man,
immortalise the love in men.

Naked is the divine feminine love,
there is no shelter amidst the clothed men, alone in words of love.

Crush thyself and make a window to shine the light of love,
wandering hither, thither, caught in web of an ordered life,
lost are men and women in this whirlpool, especially so called spiritual,
stop pretending and get naked.

A bipolarised world
has no home for a divine feminine,
love of divinity.
a divine feminine is the seed of your life,
yet you question the feminine path to divine love.

Show courage divine man, embrace the naked
see the magic of divine 'love' with the feminine.

Shakti shira bassi
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