Sacred Chant Gayatri Mantra, why we chant?

What is a mantra?
The word mantra has two parts: man, which is the root of the Sanskrit word for mind; and tra, which is the root of the word instrument. A mantra is therefore an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation. They free the mind of negative state, thereby reducing chatter of the mind and thinking.

Om is the primordial sound of the universe and according to the vedic tradition its the basis of all forms. Vibration chant sounds have different frequencies to resonate and manifest. Everything in the world is vibrating at set frequencies, science has verified this.

What is Gayatri mantra?
The gayatri mantra was given by the Rig veda back around 3000 years ago by the Rishis of india. Its considered to have to have all mantras in its sound and is a maha mantra. Reciting this mantra will fill you with calm and serenity. There are 24 sounds of this mantra which balances the subtle energy nervous system. Yoga is a science not a religion. It heals. Please try it and see and write to let me know if it has helped. 40 days daily 108 is the minimum time to see its full affects.

AUM   bhoor    bhuvah    svah

tat    savitur    varenyam 

bhargo    devasya    dheemahi 

dhiyo    yo    nah    prachodayaat

May our intellect (Dhiyo) bear (DhimahiTHAT Supreme Consciousness (AUM)
-embodies and protects the Vital-Spiritual energies (Bhur),
-eliminates the Sufferings (Bhuvah),
-embodies Happiness (Svah),
THAT (Tat)
(which) is-
-Self-Luminous-Divine-Brilliance and Ultimate Creative Source (Savitur),
-the best of the best, most virtuous (Varenyam),
-potential cleanser of all our imperfections (Bhargo),
-aggregation of all Divine Virtues and Strengths (Devasya);
WHO (Yo) (we pray to) propel (Prachodayat) our (Nah) intellect (Dhiyo)

on the Divine-righteous path to unfold spiritual potentiality and enlightenment.

Listen/chant to the chant of Gayatri mantra and see how it affects your mind, emotional state?

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