Dilemma of a modern day yogi operating in a commercial material business world

After many years almost 17 years of my training in yoga i have never lived off my yoga work, and as a lot of you who have followed my spiritual journey are aware, its only last August that I undertook 'the work' of yoga. This happened when an encounter at the Kumbh mela of 2013 indicated saffron in ashram is not for me in this lifetime the work is in the world without saffron, that does not mean i am not a sannyasin, there is the paradox portrayed without a form to manage the expectations of yoga in the world.

I certainly was confronted on how best to create this in the world of maya, does one come with the same rules or create new rules, i started with the former, though am realizing to bring yoga into the world as a business is against the ethos of yoga and am constantly confronted with the survival mechanisms at play in the commercial environment.

Hence after much deliberation I have decided that the arm of Yoga I AM will be part of the Shakti Anand Trust a uk registered charity and also in india. We will charge however we are the profit making arm of the charity structure, since yoga is a service which actually is priceless. What price would you pay for freedom? What price would you pay to live in a constant state of love? What price would you pay for eternal bliss?

So we are making yoga a service from the I AM and the prices we charge are nominal, we are a modern day spiritual center though not an ashram or a business, we are non religious. Yoga I AM is a part of the Shakti Anand Trust charity.

Please share this vision of yoga as a service in the tradition of the great guru sivananda serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realize.

There are some modern day yogis who are doing yoga for egotistical and self motivated greed and this is business, yoga is done from a service to the other and the exchange of energy as monetary is dependent on the value perceived by the receiver not the giver since for the giver, its priceless. I say this with the utmost sincerity to recognize yoga beyond a monetary product/service exchange since its beyond that.

Patanjali says after everything else is done the money, fame, etc 'Now Yoga'...Yoga is a dharmic calling.

love grace