Self love - when is this is a facade for ego's selfishness

There is a fine line at which we cross between our love for own selves, self care and offering compassionate kindness towards others, this line is distorted by the ego for self gratification, so how would you know when its ego and when is it self love?

There is an expansion in self love and a contraction in the ego. This is the deciding impulse. So before engaging turn inwards and question your motivation from ego versus self love.

Life is our own projection, true and yet the movie seems so real we forget its our own movie, and we take offense at what we see not realizing its our own reflection and ego disguising us from seeing the light.

The book on living from the heart by Shira Bassi is on self love (December 2009) and how to arrive at this.

Life has evolved self love to higher conscious awareness and this journey has led to balance the self love and ego as unconditional love almost 5 years later.

We can never really judge, condemn, control another, all such traits are own projections and ego orientated.

Love is an unconditional as it is your self you are loving at all times even when you are in midst of an attack with rage.

How is it that the dark and the light are just but our own selves masked as ego and love, we choose our reaction based on this pendulum from within our own selves, which is an indication of the level to which our own consciousness is awake.

Lets love unconditional others who for whatever reason we invite into our lives to teach us or for us to teach them, we are all but teachers to one another, no one is a superior guru or a follower we are merely reflecting our conscious awareness in forms of light or dark of love or ego.

Love and light
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