If I venture further from thy gaze
Then let me be blinded
that I may see you in the darkness of my vision

May all paths lead to thee
Banish all relations and cut all ties
That make me unworthy to behold you constantly

In this pain of separation, there is no greater separation than from you

Cast aside the torment and suffocating sorrows of worldly desires
Such that my only desire is your grace to fall upon me

I bow down at your feet in all lifetimes
And hold you supreme in all relations

Tear down this ego mind and this veil of illusion senses
And let me glow in your everlasting light

If in error I offend thee offer me pardon for my recklessness

I seek only you as my divine lover in all time and space

Give me courage and strength to fight the temptations and addictions of the material desires

In your service may you use this body as you wish I offer it to you.