Truth Now!

Truth Now

Visiting the darkest corners embracing all I have been and all I am

I am present to wholeness now

What was, what will be is not me now 

Betrayals, sorrows haunt the darkest night of the souls reconnection to itself now.

No lingering in past present future dark alleyways of ego mind tricks for self protection.

Releasing bonds of dark passage ways that eventually lead to the light 

offering forgiveness to myself and others, grateful to the healing passage of time 

No more lingering sadness or anger 

these darkest reflections of myself Released to the light I am now

Thank you to whomsoever I judged

Thank you to whomsoever I wronged thank you to whomsoever I cheated

 Thank you to whomsoever I betrayed, 

in the end it was myself I was looking at through you 

the darkness of the past or the future a craving addictive attachment of ego

I exist only as a divine presence in each moment I offer this breath of life to love. 

I am the single breath to the divine Union with the self realised cosmic dance of consciousness light 

Thank you beloved encounters of conscious beings in setting free the hooks that bound this ego mind. 

Thank you thank you thank you 



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