Fasting on speech to peace; Silence or 'Mauna' Yoga I AM 's first ever retreat in Ibiza 3rd october to 7th October 2015

It was a meeting with a 'Mauna Baba' silent Baba, back in 2009 that for me awakened my heart to unconditional love, its 6 years later that I am arranging the first ever Silent meditation retreat here in Ibiza having experienced its full impact personally into my own life as sat truthful living, chit expanded consciousness, ananda bliss.

Mauna or silence leads to a diminished thinking from the ego mind and gives access to expanded consciousness or awareness, its effect will be profound on your personality. You will get clarity in any area of your life you are currently having blocks in, increased creativity to name a few of its benefits.

The nervous system is cleansed from silence, as speech has an impact on our thinking and on others, its effects on the body are ongoing, so you can be in your busy life again and hold onto this inner stillness and peace. It also develops your willpower so when you start to communicate you think twice to say what you need to say and conserve your energy to what is life enhancing not life depleting. As the saying goes speak only if; its necessary, its truthful, its positive.

You will have a withdrawal not only from the world but also from your personality ego self and have a deep time to be at peace state that is whole not mind led. The brain also will be rewired and be more alert, no longer passive. Awake yet inactive in your thinking as your mind is silent in speech this enhances meditation.

The power of listening to yourself at your deepest level and also to others, to create a meditative state.

We will combine this with a limited food fast, nature walks, breath work, light yoga stretches.

In a world that is FULL on communication silence or speech fasting is like taking food for the soul.

Shakti Ananda
Spaces of peace